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What is Dental Stem Cell Banking?

Dental stem cell banking means storing stem cells obtained from the teeth for future use. Stem cells can be obtained from the pulp (soft tissue inside teeth) of milk teeth and wisdom teeth. These stem cells are mesenchymal in nature and are multi potent... more

How can I bank my dental stem cells?

Please email us your details and one of our doctors will contact you.

What are the benefits of dental stem cell banking? 

Every child has 20 milk teeth which fall out naturally to be replaced by a new set of adult teeth. Research has shown that milk teeth and wisdom teeth are a good source of..... more

How much does it cost to bank my dental stem cells?

Our aim is to make the service affordable to everyone.... more

Cord blood versus Teeth
Although stem cells can be obtained from teeth as well as cord blood and other sources.... more

Why Store Your Cells?
  • Dental stem cells are multipotent, which means they have a wide range of potential applications.
  • Our laboratory has over a 10 year history of processing human tissues for clients in more than 14 countries with 50,000 samples stored.
  • We repeat the process for free until viable sample is obtained.
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