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About Us

Store Your Cells became operational in May 2010 in India and is proud to be the first provider of dental stem banking in India. Our service is available to anyone based anywhere in India. We aim to provide a professional and high quality service following the highest standards in the industry. The concept of dental stem cell banking is still very new in India. We are focused on educating doctors and general public alike. To that end we regularly conduct educational seminars in different parts of the country. We welcome anyone who wants to help us in our educational campaign.

Dr Kedar Gadgil is the founder of Store Your Cells. Being a dentist himself he is very passionate about the concept and believes that storing stem cells is the best biological insurance that anyone could have. The scientists in our lab are highly skilled and experienced and have trained at the best universities in the USA.

Our Laboratory

Our laboratory is based in the USA. Our laboratory's processing and quality control procedures follow the strictest standards in stem cell banking and are AABB accredited (American Association of Blood Banks), FDA registered and compliant, CLIA certified, and licensed by the Department of Health in NY, MA,CA.

Our Services

We provide the following services: 
1) Extraction of the tooth and transport to the laboratory
2) Process the tissue found within the tooth.
3) Cryo preserve whole dental pulp or cultured stem cells for as long as required. 
4) Provide the stem cells to the client upon a valid prescription from the treating hospital/doctor. We will send the stem cells where ever required by the client.
5) If the first sample does not yield viable stem cells, we will repeat the whole procedure for free.


We provide the following types of storage:- 
1) Whole Tissue service.
2) Cultured Cell Service.
3) Combination Service.
Click here for more information on the above services.

Our Reach

Our service is available all over India. Regardless of whether you are in a big metro or a small village we will serve you. That is our promise.

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