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Frequently Asked Questions


What are dental stem cells?

Dental stem cells are found in the dental pulp (soft tissue inside the tooth). Milk teeth and wisdom teeth are a good source of stem cells. They are mesenchymal in nature and are multipotent i.e have the potential to regenerate different tissues like bone, muscle, nerve, fat, tooth, cartilage and pancreas. Milk teeth fall naturally between the age of 5 and 12. Rather than discarding them, they could be used to obtain life saving stem cells.


What is dental stem cell banking?

Dental stem cell banking means storing stem cells obtained from the teeth for future use. Stem cells can be obtained from the pulp (soft tissue inside teeth) of milk teeth and wisdom teeth. These stem cells are mesenchymal in nature and are multi potent. They can be stored by cryo preservation for many years. In future, if the individual needs stem cell treatment, he/she will have them ready for use. This eliminates the need to find a suitable donor and associated complications.


Why should I store my dental stem cells?

Storing dental stem cells prepares you for the future. As we age the reparative and regenerative capacity of our body declines. If we have stored young viable stem cells, we could use them at any stage in our life to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. The value of storing stem cells today will only be realised when they are used in future to cure the incurable.



What happens if viable stem cells are not found?

We repeat the procedure for free if viable stem cells are not found the first time.



How do you collect the sample?

Milk tooth is extracted just before it falls out. It is swiftly transported to our laboratory for processing



Is your service available in my city or town?

Yes. We have a pan India reach which means our service is available in all parts of the country.



Can my child's stem cells be used by other members of the family?

Yes, as long as there is a match. It should be noted that no two individuals will have a 100% match unless they are twins.



For how long can I store my stem cells?

For as long as you wish.



I have already stored my child's cord blood stem cells, should I still store his dental stem cells?

Yes if you have not stored mesenchymal stem cells. Click here for a comparison of dental and cord blood stem cells.



What is the cost of the service?

Please click here to find the cost.



 Will I get a refund if no viable cells are found?




 How can I use my stem cells?

We will provide you with your stem cells upon receipt of a valid prescription from your treating doctor/hospital.



 How do I enrol?

Please email your contact details to be contacted by one of our doctors. We will explain the concept and procedure to your full satisfaction. Only after receiving your informed consent we will arrange to extract the tooth.



Do you provide stem cell treatments?

No. We are a stem cell bank; we will process and store your sample and make it available when required. We do not provide stem cell treatments and are not responsible for your stem cell treatment in any form.

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