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Don’t wait until your child starts to lose his/her teeth before you make your decision. Enrol now to ensure successful banking of your dental stem cells.

Always ensure that your child brushes his/her teeth regularly, (at least twice a day) and uses a children's mouthwash.

Step 1 – Tooth Collection

The complete procedure will be carried out by us or your local dentist.

The tooth will be extracted and immediately placed in the tooth collection kit. The kit will be dispatched on the same day so that the sample reaches the laboratory within 48 hours so as to maximise the chances of successful isolation of the valuable dental stem cells

Step 2 – Stem Cell Isolation

Once the tooth is received at the laboratory our scientists work swiftly to collect the cellular material. Once the cells are isolated we confirm the health and viability of the cells.

Step 3 – Tooth Cell Storage

Once we’ve ensured we have a guaranteed number of viable, uncontaminated cells, suitable for healthy growth and future treatment they are cryogenically stored, for your family’s future.

Our process allows us to keep these valuable cells stored well into the adult life of the donor. This secures the potential for the treatment of illness and disease at a time when they are needed most.

We understand your continued interest in your investment so we continually update all our customers on the latest advances in the field of dental stem cell research and application. We also regularly check all our processes to ensure we constantly maintain standards and operate within stringent regulatory guidelines.

To enrol or to find out more, we strongly encourage you to visit our clinic for a no obligation consultation with our expert dentist.

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To arrange an appointment please call +91 9819030349 or email -

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