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Why Store your cells?

  • As you age so do your stem cells and they may not be adequate in quality and quantity when required. Hence they are best collected when young.

  • There are clinical trials around the world to test the safety and efficiency of stem cell treatments in human beings. 

  •  It is widely believed that stem cells will play a key role in regenerative medicine and will be the drugs of tomorrow.

  • Obtaining stem cells from teeth is a easy and painless technique. These stem cells can be stored indefinitely and made available when required.

  • They are your own stem cells and hence a perfect match for you.


  • We are one of the very few stem cells banks in the world to provide a wide range of storage options i.e. Whole tissue storage, Cultured Cells service and a Combination of both.

  • Our Laboratory is USA FDA registered and compliant, CLIA certified, and licensed by the Department of Health in NY, MA, CA. Our lab has over a 10 year history of preserving human tissues, blood, and stem cells for clients in over 14 countries, with over 50,000 samples stored.

  • Store Your Cells has a pan India network which means our service is avaible in all parts of the country.

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